Wedding Getting Ready-April Favorite

Who we become is here with another monthly favorite! Perhaps it is because I just got my parent copy of her wedding album, but this image was one of my favorites that I made while Kelly was getting ready for their wedding. We hired photographers, who did a fabulous job, but as a photographer, I had it written into the contract that I could shoot just in case I wanted to. Not because I didn't trust them to capture the day, because I absolutely did. But as Tom and I discussed a few weeks before the wedding, he thinks I photograph to remember. And I think that is really true. I have a poor memory and rely on looking back on my images to remember. Yet on her wedding, Kelly wanted me to relax and enjoy the day, which I absolutely did. After it was weird to not  have my own images to look back at. She asked that I do a few getting ready. As a mama, it really pulled at my heartstrings as she looked in the mirror at herself after her make up was done. To say I felt proud, would be an understatement! I know I sobbed and cried when I first saw her in her wedding dress. She is our first to get married, so this was all new for this mama. 

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