52.3.5 Shooting for Clients-Minneapolis Engagement Photographer

This week we are considering what influences us and what considerations we take into account when we make photographs for clients. I think this really depends on each photographer's personal style and the client's desires. I love to shoot high school seniors, couples, families and newborns. For outdoor sessions, I prefer to shoot during the "golden hour" because I adore that light. Not hazy backlight, but rather, a soft golden glow, often with rim light around my client's hair. I am also very much a portrait photographer. While some may think of that as a quick and easy headshot, I know from experience that a quality portrait is so much more. It requires capturing the person in a very personal, relaxed and comfortable manner. I work in an unhurried way, while engaging and connecting with my clients, often making small talk or telling a joke so that they will relax and let their real spirit and true essence shine through. I often capture them smiling, or even better, laughing- as I love to see that joy and twinkle in their eyes. While I will do some posing, it is usually with the intent of capturing them in the most flattering way. I will then edit, so they look great, but without making them look too fake or "photoshopped". I believe this is why my art and style can be described as authentic, connected and joyful or peaceful. Qualities I hope describe me as well.

While making a headshot portrait for Yusuf, I saw the light change, and wanted to capture a few with his fiancé, Katie. I love the golden rim light, depth of field, gorgeous bokeh in the background and their natural expressions.

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Katie and Yusuf in beautiful golden rim light

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