Week 52: Favorite from this Year- Minneapolis and Buffalo MN Senior Newborn Family Photographer

We are now wrapping up 52:2 Framed after a successful year of working with composition. In our first year, we studied and played with light, now after our second year, we can add composition to our credits as we determine what we will work on next.

Whatever that might be, I am personally going to work to incorporate moments and emotions into my work. I am also going to work at documenting my own family more, from a storytelling and photojournalist approach. Professionally, I am going to continue to working with my two favorite subjects: high school seniors and newborns, with some family photography thrown in for good measure. But for the next month or so, we are taking a much needed break from our weekly blog circle posting.

Please continue onto the mosaic to see our final week 52 of this second year at Who We Become. Stay tuned to see what we start in our third year in about a month.

As always, thank you for following me on this journey. Please like or share a comment. I love reading your feedback. 

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