Week 47 Golden Spirals | Buffalo MN Photographer

Time for week 47 of 52.2 : Framed. For our fourth week of classic compositional techniques, we are focusing on the golden spiral, which is a compositional tool based on Fibonacci’s Ratio and the golden rectangle.

A spiral is drawn from the series of squares and provides a way to guide the viewer’s eye to the area of focus in a photo. This spiral is often referred to as the “divine proportion” because of the numerous places it appears in nature — the spiral of a Nautilus shell, or the patterns of a flower or pinecone. Like its many uses in art and architecture, using the golden spiral in photography can add depth and a sense of balance. Here is a good explanation for anyone interested further. 

I'll be the first to admit, I really don't enjoy trying to compose with golden triangles or spirals in mind. There I said it! 

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