Week 46 Golden Triangle | Buffalo MN Newborn Photographer

This week we are playing with a concept where we use triangles in our compositions. Whether using the very classic version based on the mathematics of the golden ratio, or more simply, by composing based on diagonals or even triads within the frame, triangles are a dynamic compositional tool. I am including some favorites from a recent newborn session that include diagonal lines, triangles or the classical golden triangle. Here is a good article on the golden triangle concept.

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52.246 Mosaic 

So sweet

I love baby feet

And those cute little back wrinkles

Here is a 2 minute video slideshow of Brooklyn's  session with a lot more photographs.

I'd love to capture your newborn memories. Newborn portraits are best done between 5-14 days for these sleepy, swaddled newborn poses. Fresh 24 are done the day after at the hospital during visiting hours and are so sweet. Oh how I wish I had known to do this when mine were so little.