Week 45 Center Compositions | Crosslake MN Family Photographer

Week 45 of 52.2 Framed is all about centering the subject.  This is often seen as a beginner technique, because the resulting composition isn't viewed as being dynamic enough-as compared to other compositions such as last weeks' rule of thirds compositions. A center composition can emphasize simplicity in a single subject,  symmetry or create a sense of space. Centering is particularly effective in a square crop. When used purposefully, centering can produce a very visually striking image.

This weekend my boys were playing at the lake and I used it as an opportunity to play with center compositions. The mosaic image is a favorite of Matt as he was coming out of the lake and shaking the water out of his hair.

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52.2.45 Mosaic


The games begin

The set up

He's ready




Time to go in

A little brotherly help-my favorite of the series

Later that night such a gorgeous sunset I had to center it too