Week 43 Creative Complexity : Layering within the Frame

This Week 43 Framed 52.2 we continue with subject separation. This is an interesting concept and deals with layering for depth of field, with the photographer working to keep the elements within the frame separated enough to help achieve the goal.

This week my family experienced Cody, Wyoming for the first time, and what a time we had. It was so beautiful. I loved the wide open spaces, vistas, fresh mountain breezes, and golden grasses. Most beautiful, however, were the mountains. We drove up through them for about 25 miles before arriving at the Cody Cabin. It was so far removed from everything, including internet and cell phone services. At first we missed it, but then the boys settled into playing poker at night, while Tom and I enjoyed coffee on the porch every morning. We hated to leave, it was so relaxing.

These are images from our trip showing foreground, middle and backgrounds. Everywhere we looked was another vista more beautiful than the one before.

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52.2.43 Mosaic Sunlight Basin Road Wyoming

52.2.43 View  From the Deck

The Side and Backyard

Morning Coffee on the Deck

Lots of Evenings Spent play Cards-blackjack 

And Days Playing Poker