52.3.4 Shooting for Family and Crowd Pleasing-Minneapolis Engagement Photographer

This week in 52.3: Artistry we continue our study on audience. This week we are shooting more for our family with an image we believe will be a crowd pleaser. When I shoot for family, I am often shooting from a more personal perspective and considering how I want to see and remember my family. I am not shooting so much for a crowd pleaser, as everyone's tastes differ, but rather for a meaningful capture of my memories and emotions. I love joyful outtakes when no one is looking. Here I wanted to remember Stella and all of her cuteness as a puppy at my daughter's engagement session. I also wanted to remember how she could not be held without kissing us.  

Introducing Stella, a french bulldog, who I affectionately refer to as my first grand puppy. Isn't she adorable? Always wanting to kiss and snuggle. I love her so much and miss her terribly!

Stella: 13 and a half weeks as they tell everyone at the farmer's market


A sneak peek from their engagement session

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