Week 16 Perspective Wide Angle Lens in a Non-traditional Use

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."  e.e. cummings

This week we continue our study on perspective by working with a wide angle lens in a non-traditional use. Wide angle lens are generally 10-35mm and are often referred to as landscape lens as they allow us to capture wide sweeping vistas. They may also be used in lifestyle and indoor family sessions where space may be tight. They can also be used in environmental portraiture where the background will tell more of the story or show more of the context of a location. They may also be used in close-up portraiture, but you may see more distortion. We generally use a longer lens for portraits (85-135mm is considered ideal by many) as they slim and flatter the facial features.

I am using my 35mm to make a close-up portrait of my youngest son, Ben. I was careful to keep my background clean and simple so it would not distract from my subject. I could have turned him around and allowed more of our winter background in the frame for an environmental portrait, but I wanted a close-up of him. He just turned 14 and I wanted to make a photograph of his handsome face. He always brings a smile to our face with his quick wit and sense of humor.

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