One Kid One Roll Once a Month September-Minneapolis and Buffalo MN Family Photographer

While I have four children, Ali has been my most willing subject this summer. I know she won't be home for long, as she will start medical school this fall, so I am taking advantage of making film portraits of her every chance I get. Truth be told, my dogs are in more of my film work than any of the kids. I joke it should be one dog, one roll for me. 

These were all shot with my Canon AE-1P on Fuji 400H film. I adore this little camera, and while I want to be a Kodak Portra girl, this Fuji 400H  film always grabs my attention with its colors and tones. The colors are so soft and lovely. I think they capture my blonde-haired, blue-eyed daughter really well. It is also a perfect film for weddings and I am practicing with it in anticipation of Kelly's wedding in December. These were captured on a beautiful Minnesota summer day. 

This is such a wonderful group of mothers and film photographers. I am so grateful and happy to be part of this group of talented women. 


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