Quarry Park St Cloud MN Engagement Session Julie Kiernan Photography Ali and Stu

It was worth the 30 mosquito bites I got on each arm to capture these gorgeous engagement photos at The Quarry Park and Nature Preserve in Waite Park near St. Cloud, Minnesota. This was my favorite for the month and I am so excited to post it to our August Who We Become blog circle. This is just a sneak peek until I do a full blog post, after they select their favorites and announce their wedding plans. This is my second oldest daughter, Ali. Stu and Ali love being outdoors in a forest and hiking through the woods. I have always considered myself more of a beach or lake person, but after doing two engagement sessions with them (hey it's a benefits of having a photographer for a mom) I must say the light and colors in the woods and these quarries is as captivating as these two! I love hiking in the woods up north with our dogs, but I will now be doing more sessions in there too. The blues and greens from the quarry waters are breath-taking! The second and third image are from the Crosby Brainerd Cuyuna Trail Park Area-affectionately called the "Disney World of the Brainerd Lakes Area". This is close to our cabin and a favorite spot for our family to hike and mountain bike. 

I saw so much love, affection and humor between these two. "Stu is always whispering funny things in my ears, so you will see a lot of laughing moments." Of course, this makes my mama heart happy!

Please continue along  our blog circle and check out the gorgeous work of my dear friend and photographer Lisa Rigazio and then don't forget to check out the beautiful mosaic with all of our work featured at Who We Become.

The Quarry Park and Nature Preserve Waite Park MN

Cuyuna Trail Crosby Brainerd Lakes Area

I love that he makes her smile like this!

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