Color of Light Red or Magenta Week 47

I had a great week! It started with a very intense and focused photography workshop with a great photographer/instructor and 8 classmates. This was our second workshop together, so we know each other and our respective work quite well.  It is a group I trust and respect, so I try my best to really open up and explore our topics. We were working on further defining our vision and letting our voice come through in our sets of images. One thing I more fully understand about myself after this week is how much I love color and what an important part it plays in my art. I also discovered a fun way to work with it in my sequence of images. So much of my photography, whether of my family or for clients, includes color and nature. Just this week, in a senior session, the family was drawn to the beautiful background brick color and how it contrasted with the image of their son. For me, it is part of my process of making a photograph. I had that location scouted and planned out for weeks. I had already envisioned it in my mind. Then this weekend, I was drawn to the colors of the sunset. Every night at the cabin, I excitedly wait in anticipation of what the sunset will look like, as so many factors affect it. Last night I had my funky, artistic Lensbaby lens on my camera, so I was able to capture a slice of focus with much of the image blurred or out of focus. While for many mothers, their children are their muse, I think my muse is nature; I adore the colors of nature, especially water and sunsets. When I look at a sunset I feel grateful, joyful and calm. To me they are like snowflakes-no two are alike.

Here is my interpretation of red or magenta light. Please continue along our blog circle to see my friend and fellow photographer, Cheryl Sawyer's, interpretation by clicking HERE.