Week 40 Creative Complexity: Depth of Field-Minneapolis Newborn Photographer

Welcome to Week Forty of p52.2 : Framed. This week we are playing with depth of field. I love the shallow depth of field and how it draws the viewer's eye to this beautiful little girl and her momma. After taking more formal portraits, I looked and saw them in this beautiful light and I just had to make a few more memories.

Depth of field refers to the amount of the field of view that is in sharp focus, and results from three factors: the lens aperture, the length of the lens, and the distance from camera to subject. In a photo with a very shallow depth of field, only a few inches—or even less—may be in focus. The blurred background that results is often considered ideal for portrait or macro photography, ensuring that the viewer’s eye is not distracted from the subject. For landscape photography, more depth of field is generally desired, so that all elements of the photo will be in focus. 

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