Week 38 Portrait of a Group | Minneapolis Newborn Photographer

Welcome to Week Thirty-Eight of p52.2 : Framed and our classic portraiture with groups. I had the honor of photographing these first-time parents with the new bundle of joy.

Photographing groups of people can be an especially challenging and rewarding exercise in creative composition. A modern approach to a posed group portrait might focus on subjects physically touching and emotionally connecting with each other. Something more traditional might recall the formal poses of classical painters, where subjects are often rigid, carefully posed and emotionally restrained. 

A lifestyle approach to group portraiture may include a photojournalistic style is often more candid and seemingly spontaneous than a carefully posed portrait. Using this approach, a photographer must often exert deliberate patience in order to capture what Cartier-Bresson famously called “the decisive moment”. The effective use of depth and subject separation in this candid style of group portraiture can make for a very powerful image.

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52.2.38 Proud Parents