Week 29 Midtones | Travel Photographer

This week in P52.2: FRAMED we are continuing our experiments with tone in our compositions. While high key images are created by bright light tones and low key photographs rely on shadowy dark tones, mid key images isolate the mid-level of tone. Colors can be complimentary and yet the same key, so although in black and white everything would blend, in color it all pops. One of the issues to keep in mind when playing in mid key is that although consistency of tone can help your subject and their surroundings appear well-aligned, the trick is to make sure your subject doesn't get lost. My mosaic image is of my boys while sailing in Oahu. I think their smiles keep them from getting lost in the composition!

52.2.29 Mosaic The boys sailing in Oahu.

52.2.29b Sunset from the Sailboat


Happy Easter!

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