Week 12 Curved Lines 52:2

Let me start my wishing each of you a very Happy Holiday!

This week we are exploring curved lines. Curves can be playful, graceful, obvious or more subtly implied. In photography, a curved line encourages the eye to meander and explore.

There are different forms of curved lines. Arcs and semi-circles are a variation of curved lines. These types of lines can help to frame or isolate the subject of an image. S-shaped lines are yet another variation and are used frequently in visual arts for their sense of grace, balance and beauty. My first image includes an s-curve and my last is an example of a more subtle curve.

My first image (included in our mosaic) is an image from our trip to California last March. During these cold winter months, I dream of the ocean. I like the curves formed by the water along the shore.I have included other examples of curved lines.

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52:2:12 Newport Beach

52:2:12 Cupcake swirls

52:2:12 Ball Jar Reflection

52:2:12 Luna Ukulele Curves

52:2:12 Winter Scene

52:12 Canal Park Lift Bridge