Week 7 Balancing with Space as Our Primary Subject 52:2

This week we are balancing our image with space as our primary subject. This could include negative space or an open area. My images are both sunrises. The first from my home and the other from a recent trip to Duluth at Canal Park with my daughter. Those who know me best, know that I am not a morning person. The boys will often call to me, "Mom, look at the sunrise." Sunsets, I am always awake for, but sunrises, I have to work to capture. Yet, it is such a special time of day. Like sunsets, no two are alike. The surrounding area will look so different with each sunrise. November in Minnesota is often overcast and cloudy, but on this particular morning we had blue skies behind these gorgeous clouds. Duluth, on the other hand, turned into a very cloudy and overcast day. At first, I wondered if it would even be worth getting up to photograph. As is true in life, you never really know what you will find, until you show up. I am glad that I got up, and showed up, on these two days as the beauty was astounding. 

52-2-7 Sunrise from my living room

52-2-7b Duluth Canal Park Sunrise

Duluth Serenity

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