Looking Out at the Lake Week 21

This is the last week of playing with indoor light and week 21 in our 52 week blog circle where we are playing with light. Last week, Tom was shown relaxing on the couch at the cabin. This week is another image I took, this time from behind, as he looks out at the lake. I like this image because we so often sit here and gaze out at the lake. It is especially serene at this time of year. But for a single fish house in front of our cabin, it is just frozen lake, snow and trees. Tom's tradition is to go for a walk across the lake, or go for a nature hike, as he likes to call it. Last weekend it was so cold I stayed inside. As he walked across the lake, the ice fisherman came out and got on his ATV and drove out to Tom and asked if he needed a ride. Tom replied, "No thanks, I'm out on a walk." I think the fact that he was his walking backwards, into the wind, might have caused the guy to think he needed help. I was inside laughing as I watched this transpire.

21:52 Tom looking out at the lake

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