Evening Light Week 33

Everyone that knows me, knows I love sunsets. I have literally 100s of the them. I am always drawn to them wherever I may be. And each one truly looks different to me. They are like snowflakes in that way. I have always felt like nature and its beauty is one of God's gifts to me. This was taken in Palm Desert last month on our vacation. When looking for it, I found so many other sunset images it made me laugh. The first one I intended to post, but the second image I found in my search through my Lightroom catalog. The first has very saturated colors and the second very muted. I love them both for different reasons. My final image is a sunrise image captured in Duluth at a family reunion in 2005. I am posting it in memory of my uncle, Roger; he and Marilyn so loved watching the ships come in at Canal Park next to this lighthouse. After looking at these, please continue along our blog circle.

33:1  The VIew From our Deck at Sunset, Palm Desert, California

33:2 Sunset

RIP Roger

Please continue along our blog circle to see my friend and photographer, Lisa Rigazio's interpretation of evening light. I am sure you will find it amazing!