Mill City Market Street Photography Week 41

This weekend I took a  2-day Street Photography Workshop with Valerie Jardin. It was a blast and I learned a lot- especially how to feel more comfortable asking a stranger if I could "take their picture". I also became much more confident shooting on the street and in public places. Saturday, we were at the Mill City Farmer's Market.  I had seen this weaver's rugs before when our book club visited their ArtAndes store in the Northrup King building last summer at the First Thursdays in the Art District. When Valerie told me to check out the weaver, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to see him there weaving. It just so happens this is my favorite rug pattern! The colors are fabulous!

This is week 41 in our blog circle and our third week working with directional light. Please continue along our blog circle to see the work of my friend and fellow photographer, Julie Mak, by clicking HERE. Then follow along the circle to be inspired.

41:1 Weaver from ArtAndes

41:1 Weaver from ArtAndes





And here is when I asked to take his portrait. 

41:6 Portrait