Diffused Light Week 38

This is our final week of playing with soft, diffused light in the blog circle. With diffused light there will be very subtle shadows, if any. This week I am working with cloudy skies and you will see the shadows are very soft on my son. This weekend I left my "real" camera at home. Sometimes it helps to be present in the moment- as without my camera I don't feel like I should be capturing something. However, I am so used to always having it with me, that I was disappointed when I remembered I needed to capture an image for this blog post. I decided to use some more images from last weekend. He has been absent in my recent portraits, so I had fun picking out more favorites. He does seem to be growing up right before my eyes. This is what 13 looks like.





Please continue along our blog circle to my friend and fellow photographer, Julie Mak's take on diffused light by clicking HERE. She is the mother of two handsome sons as well. This week we had the excitement of another of our friends, Sarah Davis, also becoming the mother of two sons as she gave birth to her second baby boy. It was an exciting week for all of us on the blog circle! Please continue along the circle and leave a comment-which is always appreciated and welcome.