Diffused Light Week 37

This week we continue playing with diffused, soft light. I used the soft light from a cloudy, overcast day at the cabin with my youngest son. He has been hiding from my camera lately, so I decided to coax him out. I realized after taking these and showing them to him, that a mother's idea of a perfect image of her sweet baby boy, differs from that of her son's idea of a more masculine, teenage-styled image. That just gives me an excuse to take more images of him on another day. Here is an image of him after he was done raking pine needles with his dad and brother. I was pushing my luck "documenting"  with my camera vs. helping them out with the raking.

Please continue along the blog circle to see the image my friend and fellow photographer, Kim DuPree, captured this week by clicking HERE. Kim is a wonderful senior and lifestyle photographer from Texas.