Diffused Light Week 35

This is week 35 and the first week in our month long study of diffused light. Diffused light can be accomplished in many ways, but it is normally softer light, often filtered through a window, sheer or other means. Even a cloudy sky or a garage can provide diffused light. My image this week is taken in our garage. While I have been aware of this technique for a while, I only just tried it out. Boy have I been missing out on some gorgeous light. The sun was out, but still to the left of our house. I found that I really liked the light, especially taken from above, or while perched on a ladder. After fighting with our tall stepladder, I went and bought myself a proper photographer's 2 step portable ladder at Target. I love it!

35:1 Garage Soft Diffused Light

Please continue along the blog circle to see my friend and fellow photographer, Julie Mak's interpretation of diffused light by clicking HERE. Julie is relatively new to our blog circle and it is always fun to see what she captures. She has two adorable little boys who are often the subject of her images.