Creative Settings Week 51

I cannot believe it is already week 51 in our 52 week blog circle Playing with Light. My image for this week is one I wanted to use in the blog as it is a bit different style for me and because the image holds meaning to me. This was captured immediately following a telephone call from a dear friend who was calling to tell me she had lost her young brother-in-law, unexpectedly, from a heart attack. This image captures the feelings I had at that moment. I was on a senior session; I looked down and captured this image. The rugged boardwalk, off center and angled lines, focus, and the nails seemed to signify the journey and milestones along life's way, while the dark processing and starkness represent my sorrow and shock. 


Please continue along the blog circle to see Kami Chaudhery's interpretation of this weeks theme by clicking HERE. Next week is our last week of Playing with Light, but we will soon be introducing our next 52 week project along with an easier method for our viewers to see our work. Stay tuned....