Abstract Bokeh Week 50

This is week 50 in our 52 week blog circle where we have spent the year playing with light. This last month, our topic is creative settings, which allows each of us a lot of freedom to shoot and experiment. One of my favorite ways to play with light is capturing light bokeh.  Bokeh is an elusive effect. It often requires shooting with a wide aperture and is enhanced when the subject is closer to the lens, while the background is further away from the camera and subject. The background will include the light which will create the bokeh. You will often see it in evening images with street lamps or city landscapes, as well as during the day with sunlight, especially as it glimmers through trees or foliage. In this image, I was focusing close to myself, while there was light streaming in the background that created the bokeh and resulting abstract image of color, shapes and lines. I cropped my subject out and am left with an abstract bokeh image.

Please continue along the blog to see the talented Sarah Davis' interpretation by clicking HERE.


Light Bokeh 50:1