Creative Settings Week 49

This is week 49 in our 52 week blog circle and our second week playing with creative settings. This week I played creatively with my Lensbaby plastic lens capturing a picture of a flower back lit with haze and flare. I love the soft focus and flare this lens is known for. Later in the week, we had a big rain storm and I captured this rainbow, but just as beautiful and impressive was how the entire sky turned orange. I thought that was the end of the show, until I went out front and sat under the eave of the garage and watched the clouds and light change before my eyes. Tom came out and I said, "You know you are a photographer when you sit out in the rain taking pictures." 

49:1 Lensbaby Plastic 5.6 1/200 100

49:2 Orange Sky and Rainbow

49:3 Drive After the Storm as the Light and Sky Changes

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