Creative Settings Week 48

It is hard to believe, but this is the last month in our 52 week blog circle playing with light. But don't worry, we have a really fun theme for next year and a whole new way of presenting the circle planned. This is week one in our photographer's choice, creative settings month and week 48.  

I recently added to my Lensbaby collection so I am playing with creative images with backlight. My first goal was to obtain a rainbow affect with the flare. This took a lot of practice and happened with a chance meeting with a mother and her ducklings as we came in from a boat ride. I saw one set of ducks by the dock, took some pictures and was about to go up to the cabin, when I spotted this second set in some beautiful golden light. While I captured the rainbow affect, the light was quite bright and the ducks are somewhat lost in the rainbow. I have posted another image to show you more what it looked like without the rainbow effect. I continued to play with backlighting in my yard, on the lake and while out for dinner in Wayzata along the lake by the train tracks.


48:1 Ducks with Rainbow Flare all double glass f4

48:2 Ducks in Golden Light

48:3 Leaves in Backlight 

48:4 Sadie Backlight Rim

48:5 Backlight Railroad Tracks Wayzata 

48:6 Wayzata Train Tracks

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