Color of Light Blue or Cool Colors Week 44

This is week 44 in our blog circle and the first week in our study of the color of light. Each week we will play with a different color of light, starting with the cool colors of violet, indigo and blue. I am using the blue hour, or the the hour just after sunset, to explore the blue color of the light with an environmental scene from our cabin combining the silhouette of the trees along the shore and fireworks in the background. I love watching the fireworks from our dock on the 4th of July. 

Blue color of light this 4th of July 44:1

Fireworks 44:2

Blue Hour 44:2

Please continue along the blog circle to see my friend and fellow photographer, Linda Hooper's interpretation this week by clicking HERE.  I always look forward to Linda's creative interpretations, whether abstract, macro or lifestyle. She has been traveling, so this promises to be an interesting image!