Artificial or Added Light Week 26

It's a new month and a new light theme in our 52 week blog circle. This month we are studying artificial or added light. This may or may not include using flash, but can be as simple as any added light: candle, lamps, or iPad light to name a few. The added light in my image comes from inside overhead lights and a candle at our table. It was very dark, so I was shooting at a very high ISO level which does produce noise and grain in the image. But I don't mind, as this is just one of those images that I loved the minute I saw it. While it may not be technically perfect, I love the light, colors, and reflections, but mostly this image is special to me because it holds my memory of a nice evening out for dinner with my college girlfriends. If you look closely, you can see my friend Jane smiling.

26:1 Dinner with my College Buddies

Please continue along our blog circle to the work of my friend and fellow photographer, Sarah Davis by clicking HERE. She had been capturing some beautiful images of her son, Cas, and I know you are going to love her interpretation this week.