52.3 Artistry-Minneapolis Family Photographer

It's a new year on the blog. Please join us as we dig deep and continue to grow in our photography journey while expanding our creative skills. After playing with light in year one of 52.1: Playing with Light, and then composition last year in 52.2: Framed, we are now going to Explore Artistry during year three of 52.3: Exploring Artistry. This first week we are posting an image that is comfortable for us. While I could have posted a portrait, sunsets are also a very comfortable subject for me and really make my heart sing. I captured this on our way up to our cabin this weekend. The sky was absolutely beautiful.

Here is the link: http://whowebecome.com/2015/02/03/p52-3-week-1/


52.3.1 Week 1 of year 3: A comfortable image for me is often a sunset landscape