2015 Goals

I think I prefer the word goals, to resolutions. So here is the start of my first goal/project: a 365 daily project. I'll do this with my digital images, but also with some film and video clips. I am not going to be a perfectionist about this and will allow myself some flexibility to shoot in advance with film or use images from one session on multiple days, but at the end of the year I will have a collection of 365 photographs that hold my memories and allow me to grow and learn as a photographer. I want these images to be meaningful to me and to reflect the beauty around me and people I love. I hope they show emotion, my gratitude and the beauty found in expansive landscapes or small everyday details. At the end of the year, I want to determine if I still describe my work as authentic, joyful, and connected. I hope you will enjoy my journey in photographs. I will post periodically as a collage and sometimes daily. 

I have so many photographs of Tom on a beach chair, but this is my first one with a film camera. This is in Freeport, Grand Bahamas where the beaches are so beautiful and the people so friendly. I asked Tom how he would characterize the people and he said, "Chill". I'd say Tom was too.

365:1 Canon K2, 50:1.8 HP5 film 400 I think Sunny 16 rule w 200ISO  Richards Photo Lab

I like things in threes, so my 3 goals are: 365 daily project, eat healthier and exercise regularly. Consistent daily effort! A journey to allow me to look and feel better while shooting some digital, film and video at Kelly's wedding (my motivation and reason) at the end of the year.